Custom and Innovative Solutions Engineered to Address Complex Challenges Across a Variety of Industries and Markets

"We, individually and as a team, will deliver and continually improve services that consistently meet or exceed our customer's increasing expectations."

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JET engineers bring mechanical, electrical, software and systems expertise to provide a complete solution that is scalable to the future. We design custom solutions for networking throughout your organization. The JET team has successfully deployed these solutions to the agriculture, aerospace, unmanned vehicle, automotive, medical and industrial markets.

JET can also provide training and development for your team in both business and best technical practices.

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Advanced architecture and design allow for extension of your systems as your business grows and expands.


JET provides engineering services to our customers who need innovative solutions to challenging issues, supporting all phases of the product development process.

Leadership & Development

JET’s consulting services leverage an extensive technical background. The team’s focus on roles in company workflow and exceptional communication skills aid clients in determining and executing a course of action to pursue success.

Innovative Solutions for Challenging Issues

JET provides solutions for the needs of today and the future.

Industries We Serve

JET leverages technology from one industry to another


JET has a wide range of experience in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC), incorporating applications from individual component testing for R&D to end-of-line production test.


From prototype systems to Validation and Verification (PV&V), JET has a wide breadth of experience in Agricultural and Off-Highway systems.

Automotive & Infotainment

Vehicle manufacturers face a variety of challenges when building a reputation of quality and performance in the era of consumer electronics. Testing must be done sooner, be more comprehensive and be easily adaptable.

Applications include R&D test and validation for residential, commercial, and display products, HALT life testing, calorimeter and individual component testing, such as blowers.

JET is familiar with ASHRAE standards and has designed hardware and software systems to automate testing and reduce cycle time, while ensuring clients stay within DOE compliance. A common test framework enables rapid development and implementation of all software and hardware aspects involving data acquisition, automation, PID control, database management, report generation, alarm reporting, and test sequence management.

Leveraging the NI tool chain allows JET to rapidly develop test control and measurement systems, large and small.

From development-based systems (Hardware/Software/Model-In-the-Loop [HIL/SIL/MIL] test systems and architecture) to product evaluation (engine and vehicle test cells) to rapid prototyping and integration of equipment control systems, JET has a wide range of proven experience.

Architectural expertise allows JET to design and build testing solutions that address the complexity of testing with specific attention to device inter-communication, changing requirements, massive configurability and configuration management.

JET integrates testing across each point in the design process, incorporating any mix of MIL, SIL or HIL components for any scale of test from unit test to full system test. JET’s focus on workflow allows for extensive test code reuse in order to maximize value and deliver test results with clarity about specific test conditions and results.

Aerospace & Avionics

JET is located in one of the nation’s hubs for flight communication and control systems. The team has extensive experience with building MIL-STD-1553 bus controllers. Critical test infrastructure and validation systems ensure future systems are regression tested, creating a faster to market timeline for customers.

Pressure & Valves

High-pressure and high-volume valves require a unique expertise in volumetric and mechanical test operation design. JET understands the exceptional circumstances that exist at 3,500 psi and knows how to test a system built to work at that pressure.

Engineering custom solutions from agriculture to UAS and Industry 4.0

Robotics, UAS & Automation

JET has extensive experience in robotics, automation and unmanned systems, applicable across a variety of industries including manufacturing, agriculture and integration solutions. The team also offers UAS solutions such as photography, inspections and mapping for commercial and real estate clients.

The Outcome

The test rack created a clear benchmark improvement in final test of the fuel pumps. The automated testing allowed the customer to meet quality demands for their product. It was a major step to ensure the customer had the highest quality of fuel pumps in the field.