Acoustic Emissivity
Data Acquisition

The Problem

single-source supply, turnkey solution was needed to reduce or eliminate costly unplanned maintenance in an industry where seconds count.

The Solution

JET Engineering partnered with a manufacturer of oil field equipment to develop a truly unique Acoustic Emissivity (AE) data acquisition system. AE data is monitored to predict maintenance requirements of critical remote system components. The remote location required the use of a cellular VPN for real time monitoring and easy data access.

The Outcome

Features included Acoustic Emissivity monitoring, custom signal conditioning for up to 20 channels of AE data, cellular VPN for real-time remote access, and monitoring on non-acoustic analog and digital signals.

Outcomes included predictive failure of mission-critical system components, real-time monitoring of AE data in inaccessible locations, and scheduled maintenance of vital equipment to reduce unplanned downtime.