Fuel Pump
Manufacturing Test

The Problem

The customer determined a need to check for manufacturing defects that could cause leaks in the fuel pumps. They required an efficient test system to receive quick and reliable results on a high volume production line.

The Solution

JET designed a custom test rack that ensured the fuel pump housings were not leaking after fabrication. A Plexiglas housing was added to the rack that met OSHA safety standards for keeping the operator safe from injuries.

The test rack needed to replicate the mechanical seal in the final product. JET created a custom machined part with an undercut mill that would replicate the seal used in the product. The user interface guided the operator through the steps and ensured that the test time met the needs of a high volume production line.

The Outcome

The test rack created a clear benchmark improvement in final test of the fuel pumps. The automated testing allowed the customer to meet quality demands for their product. It was a major step to ensure the customer had the highest quality of fuel pumps in the field.