Train the Trainer

The Problem

To provide better customer service and product satisfaction, the client wanted to develop training for its customers in order to effectively service the product. A technical staff was assigned to design and deliver training. The customer feedback was that the training was ineffective – the content was too technical and delivered in a lecture format. The materials supplied were not useful for post-training reference. Participants left without feeling that they had learned applicable skills.

The Solution

The training staff received custom coaching to assist in redesigning the program to meet objectives. With a focus on adult learning theory, the new training design was interactive so that participants could better internalize and apply the learning. The training staff went through the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) training model. Participants learned delivery and facilitation skills to ensure effective group dynamics and discussion.

An evaluation scheme was developed to measure the impact of the training. Participant knowledge was identified prior- and post-training (Level 2 evaluation). After two months, participants and their managers were contacted for the evaluation.

The Outcome

In the next training cycle, content and format were notably different. The customer’s feedback was positive; they felt that there was a significant knowledge increase. They were excited to apply their knowledge to the equipment. After two months, they reported better customer service and competence with equipment, contributing to increased product sales.