Medical Imaging Equipment

Extending the Life
of Medical Imaging

The Problem

Over the last several decades, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning has become a cornerstone of modern medicine. The radionuclide tracers that make this process possible have a very short half-life and must be produced at the point of use with a cyclotron. As the control systems for these cyclotrons become obsolete and require repair, their owners are faced with replacing extremely expensive machines that are otherwise sound.

The Solution

JET partnered with a medical equipment maintenance company to reverse engineer and deliver a completely new control system that gives new life to equipment that would otherwise be scrapped at great cost. Giving new life to old machines helped the client open a new market for service and improved the end user’s bottom line.

The Outcome

Features consisted of a new supported control system as well as expandable and configurable hardware.

Benefits included deferred capital costs, elimination of disposal costs and expanded capabilities.