F-15 Audio
System Testing

The Problem

The customer needed to fully test all existing and new functionality of the AMSCP F-15 Audio System voice, digital, and fire commands on F15s to be deployed in the Middle East.

The Solution

JET assisted in hardware selection and integration of the test rack to automate the testing process. LabVIEW software was written to operate the test rack and exercise all functionality of the Audio System. JET created a user interface design that optimized the look, feel, and usability of the AMSCP Test System. Among other features, the software recorded a log file of events during test execution for further analysis.

The Outcome

The audio system was deployed on schedule after significant changes in the specifications and nearly doubling the number of test cases. The system provided all the test cases needed to validate both standard and unique functions in order to deploy the aircrafts. Over 1,800 test scripts were written to validate software and run regression testing in the future.