Cyclotron Controls

Cyclotron Controls

The Problem

Over time, some electronic components in the cyclotron controls become obsolete, but the rest of the equipment is capable of many more years of operation. Facilities must dispose of the cyclotron, store it, or sell it. The solutions are not ideal and can be costly. The client realized that if new controls could be designed, it could extend the life of the cyclotron and dramatically reduce costs.

The Solution

JET provided a National Instrument system with off-the-shelf equipment and LabVIEW software that would meet the requirements for the controls. JET worked closely with the customer to verify that the software and new hardware was compatible with the existing hardware.

The Outcome

The system was completely customer-tested and validated. JET created controls and a system that successfully extends the life of the cyclotron. The controls added new features that make production easier for the user. New features:

  • Improved yields
  • Concise monitoring during production
  • Real-time controls to improve accuracy
  • Improvement of cyclotron set up
  • Automated controls to reduce production time