Coaching for Success

The Problem

During its annual Succession Planning process, a manufacturing company identified its marketing manager as a high-potential candidate to prepare for the role of Director of Marketing. The current director was scheduled to retire in two years. The company requested one-on-one coaching to support the marketing manager’s development for a seamless transition into the director’s position.

The Solution

A skills assessment was completed for the Marketing Director position. Manager interviews and performance reviews were used to determine the candidate’s current skills and competencies and to compare those to the requirements for Marketing Director. Management and peer feedback were solicited via a 360-assessment and the data was compiled to create an individual development plan.

The plan included one-on-one coaching, rotation assignments, seminars and project assignments. A formal mentoring relationship was established and presentations were recorded for feedback and improvement. The entire plan covered a two-year timeframe with regular coach and manager feedback.

The Outcome

The candidate gained insights into business operations, leadership best practices and customer relationship dynamics. While developing skills for a future role, she became more effective in her current role as well. As her competencies developed, she began assuming more responsibilities, growing into her intended role. At the end of the two years, the Marketing Director retired, allowing the candidate to step into the position.

The company evaluated this coaching process to be a very successful approach for targeted employee development and established it as a major element in its program for high-potentials.