Who are we at JET? Simply stated—we are Midwest friendly, a cohesive work team with the Midwest work ethic of passion for our customers.



Who are we at JET? Simply stated—we are Midwest friendly, a cohesive work team with the passion for our customers that drives our strong work ethic.

We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with start-ups, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and enthusiastically shares ideas and opinions to reach the best solutions for our customers. We pool resources, knowledge and skills to get the job done quicker and better. Efficiency through cohesive work teams is the way we run things.

Our Mission:

The foundation of our culture is our Mission:

Fulfilling the visions of innovators by leveraging technologies that change the way systems and products are engineered today and for tomorrow.

To us, this means that we listen to our customers’ strategies, problems and goals and innovate with them to develop a game-changing solution to close that gap and fulfill their vision.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values support our Mission and shape our culture by reflecting what JET values. Our four Core Values, known as CAPS, are:


JET is driven to deliver customer success.

  • We are dedicated to partnering with our customers to meet or exceed their increasing expectations with a focus on results.
  • JET is passionate about delivering what we promise, leading to customer trust and loyalty.


JET values our associates as the foundation of our business.

  • We demonstrate honesty and integrity in all interactions.
  • We empower our associates to enthusiastically engage in continuous learning and to apply their knowledge to create positive change.
  • Our culture is built on mutual respect for diverse individuals operating as a high-performing team.


JET uses well-defined processes to optimize the workflow.

  • This includes workflow through the organization and with our customers.
  • The processes guide customers and associates to a consistently successful outcome on each project.

Score Card:

JET uses metrics to drive our quest for excellent performance.

  • Meaningful data enables us to continuously improve our business processes.
  • Surveys ensure a positive customer experience.
  • Feedback upholds an organizational culture that fosters a positive work environment for JET associates.

The culture here at JET is empowering, engaging, stimulating—and fun! When you work at JET, you want to be “all in!”